• Indians Are The Top Subscribers For Machine Learning Programmes On Courseracoursera-banner

Coursera recently shared an interesting insight: Indians constituted the highest number of subscribers, especially for courses related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. In fact, Coursera announced that India stands as the second largest and fastest growing market for Coursera, with over 3.7 million learners. This insight, along with the rising number of New Tech-related jobs in India underlines the learning hunger among Indians. The highest subscribers went to the courses around AI and Python.

  • APPLE Siri needs people’s trust for Shortcuts to succeed.


This week, at its big September iPhone and Watch event, Apple announced that iOS 12 will be available on September 17. With iOS 12 comes a series of new features for Siri, the most interesting of which are Siri Suggestions and Shortcuts. Siri Suggestions will surface recommended actions using more than 100 different factors such as time of day, location, or even the Wi-Fi network you’re on to determine whether or not a shortcut suggestion surfaces on your smartphone lock screen or Apple Watch face. A standalone Shortcuts app also lets users create custom commands.

  • How AI could help solve some of society’s toughest problems


At MIT Technology Review’s EMtech conference on Wednesday, Fang outlined recent work across academia that applies AI to protect critical national infrastructure, reduce homelessness, and even prevent suicides. Fang explained how a system she developed in 2013, while doing her PhD at the University of Southern California, is used every day to protect 60,000 passengers on the Staten Island Ferry in New York City.

There are more ferries traveling between Staten Island and Manhattan than US Coast Guard patrol boats in the same territory.

  • How Governments Can Be Smart about Artificial Intelligence


“Intelligent” technology is already everywhere – such as spam filters or systems used by banks to monitor unusual activity and detect fraud – and it has been for some time. What is new and creating a lot of interest from governments stems from recent successes in a subfield of AI known as “machine learning,” which has spurred the rapid deployment of AI into new fields and applications. It is the result of a potent mix of data availability, increased computer power and algorithmic innovation that, if well harnessed, could double economic growth rates by 2035.

  • On August 30, the State of California unanimously adopted legislation in support of the Future of Life Institute’s Asilomar AI Principles.


The Asilomar AI Principles are a set of 23 principles intended to promote the safe and beneficial development of artificial intelligence. The principles – which include research issues, ethics and values, and longer-term issues – emerged from a collaboration between AI researchers, economists, legal scholars, ethicists, and philosophers in Asilomar, California in January . They have been endorsed by AI research leaders at Google DeepMind, GoogleBrain, Facebook, Apple, and OpenAI. Signatories include Demis Hassabis, Yoshua Bengio, Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil, the late Stephen Hawking, Tasha McCauley, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Je than 3,800 other AI researchers and experts.

  • Making Deep Learning More Robust

neurons_artificial_intelligence-845x321.jpg  Imagine how much more efficient lawyers could be if they had the time to read every legal book ever written and review every case ever brought to court. Imagine doctors with the ability to study every advancement published across the world’s medical journals, or consult every medical case, ever. Unfortunately, the human brain cannot store that much information, and it would take decades to achieve these feats. But a computer, one specifically designed to work like the human mind, could.

  • Artificial Intelligence jobs see increased uptake among Indian job seekers


There has been a significant increase in the number of searches by job seekers for artificial intelligence (AI) related sectors in India with data scientist profile leading the top slot, says a report. According to data from global job site Indeed, there has been an increase of 179 percent in the number of searches by job seekers for AI related jobs in India between June 2016 and June 2018.

AI-related jobs have seen an increase as companies are increasingly working towards integrating new technology into their core functions, creating new openings for skilled professionals.

  • Google’s AI is now much better at recognizing songs that are playing.


If you ever use Google Assistant or the Google app to recognise a song you’re listening to, that process should be faster and more accurate in the future, Google says – thanks to some advancements in its cloud-based artificial intelligence routines.

Sound Search (which is the official name of “hey Google, what’s this song?”) has been upgraded to use a neural network four times the size of its predecessor. It also takes samples of a song twice as frequently as before, in order to get a better idea of what you’re listening to and to increase the chances of getting a positive match.

  • Google Launchpad Accelerator Opens Applications for Next Class of AI, ML Startups in India


Google on Wednesday opened applications for the next class of its “Launchpad Accelerator” mentorship programme for startups using artificial intelligence (AI)/ machine learning (ML) in India which is scheduled to commence in March 2019. The last date for application to the programme is January 31, 2019, Google said in a statement .Under the Launchpad Accelerator programme, startups that are using AI/ML to solve India’s needs, undergo an intensive in-person mentorship boot-camp, followed by customised support for three months.

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